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oh yeah mhmm.

things are happening...
more things need to happen.

money is rough. we'll see what happens with that.

gotta get school goin' again... I have to.

Johanna is great... it is scary how good things are... it's great. She's this constant motivator whether she does it purposely or subconsciously... everyone needs a catalyst... i think i found mine.

riffs have been easier to write for me as of late... i think writing will come back to me eventually.

I have stopped smoking... It has been 3 weeks now... it's not so hazy anymore... everything is still there you know?!... I wasn't sure how I would cope with things aesthetically because being high just makes everything pop. I still appreciate everything. It almost feels like I'm really appreciating it more because I feel more mentally immersed in it. Now, that being said... I have had wonderful moments while high that I will not forget... (unless i did) I don't want to speak to soon, but I'm not going back to la yerba buena anytime soon.

more things need to happen... just hopin' for stability... with school, music and my relationships... as well as finances...

I need things to get financially better... it would be a great stress off my shoulders if my folks could afford house payments without my help. All I can do is wait.
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