Omah (anonymous16) wrote,


School is almost over... I have a take home exam/binder to turn in tuesday... a recording project to finish by thursday... a math final on thurday, a philosophy final on wednesday and a psych final... sometime... whatever. damn... and juries on Saturday morning...

yeah it's been busy, but things have been at least stable. Me and Johanna have our apartment. It's pretty awesome. I hung out with her last night and we drank and ate pizza... oh yes.

Drew Piper passed away, and that is just crazy to me... thinking about it right now it is just crazy. He was a great person, and a great musician. I can honestly say that he was someone that definitely got me into playing with people. He was one of the 1st people I played with outside of a school setting. Drew Piper was a great person, and he will be missed tremendously. Services for Drew will be on saturday, I definitely need to go and pay my respects.

I shouldn't get caught up with trivial things and I should strive for the things I want... life is way way way to short to get behind on it.

it's unfortunate that feelings like this come out during such sad times...

R.I.P Drew Piper
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